My Roots


The Dream…


My name is Sarah Mason and I have always enjoyed politics and writing.  And so, after not putting in my time at all in the areas of non-profit, government and private industry, I decided life is too short to not pursue long held dreams.

You know the stories, those who risk leaving their grinding careers in order to seek happiness and the true essence of life.

Like the Ivy League attorney tossing aside not only the stress of the courtroom, but the lucrative paycheck that goes with it, so she can sail to the Keys.  There, she makes a simple living chartering tourists by day and strumming her guitar by night, life flowing to the rhythm of the tides, and happiness found simply in a warm ocean breeze and a cool margarita.

Or, the school teacher, who has sacrificed day after day only to be met with bureaucratic resistance, decides to use his gift of teaching and love of children by building a school house, simple yet functional, in the developing world.  Engrossing himself in the cause, he becomes accepted and loved, one with the village. Though surviving on a meager subsistence, he now sleeps more soundly than ever, knowing he has helped children thrive and has changed their lives forever.

Inspired by the many others who have gone before me, daring to risk it all, I too took the plunge into freedom and true purpose! Though uncertainty (and pregnancy) loomed, I packed up my desk, bravely leaving my accounts payable position behind.

Not only was I leaving my identity of matching truck tickets to invoices, but also in my wake, like that of the Ivy League attorney, the ego that goes with abandoning use of my higher, competitively coveted, elite community college and state university education.

I took a deep breath and just let it all go.

The Reality…

And, now?  Well, constant snack packing, loyal bathroom companions, interrupted thoughts, and excessive hand washing are all mine in the warm world of mothering and homeschooling.

How You Benefit…

Along with such daily joys deceptively disguised as chaos, I also write political articles and parodies whenever I find time between “Hey, Moms” to critically turn a political event into an unrecognizable solution.  And, I’m happy to do the same for you.

My past work has given me the writing experience of press releases, grant requests, product descriptions, constituent and fundraising letters, board and staff communication, and much more.

These writing opportunities, along with my ability to observe a current political topic, research its background, and accurately and succinctly turn it into an engaging article or parody, have well equipped me to help you share the light of individual freedom and liberty-minded policy with your readers.

I look forward to working with you to promote our similar ideals, help advance freedom, and most of all, stay sane in our political environment.


Sarah Mason

*term, “developing” – research into this term is proof that conservatives are conscious of verbiage.