Garden Gate

“Twas the Night after Christmas”
‘Twas the night after Christmas, and all was conveyed,
Not a lawsuit could change that Trump was outplayed. 
The affidavits were hung from hundreds by choice,
In hopes that evidence would give proof to their voice.
Big Tech was nestled in the arms of the Dems,
While visions of algorithms danced to their win.
And Obama in his worry, and a conservative piece,
Had just settled that facts need a free speech police.
When out of the Senate there arose such a cry,
I sprang from the couch to see YouTube comply.
Away to the remote I flew to discover,
Torn down videos and the rise of Big Brother.
The tune on the left for the new-fallen Trumpy,
Gave the luster they were still a little bit grumpy.
When, what to my blundering vote should elicit,
But a re-education and a cell I can visit.
With a little old host, so filled with chagrin,
I knew in a moment it was Keith Olbermann.
More rapid than votes that crossed the state line,
And he ranted, and panted, and called for their time!
“Now, the Barrs!  Now, the Barretts!  Now, the Pences and Lees!
On, supporters!  On, enablers!  On, maggots and fleas!
To the top of the list!  He warned with sobriety!
Now, prosecute!  Now, convict!  Now, remove from society!
As four years of the Crossfire Hurricane scandal,
When the Dems meet with a plan, launch it, and gamble.
So up to the Russians the collusion it flew,
With a dossier of lies, and Carter Page too.
And then, in relief, I heard a great sigh,
The crying and drying of each little eye.
As I drew in his light, and was turning to bask,
Up came the Big Guy wearing a mask.
Biden was dressed all in plastic, from his head to his chin,
And his reindeer were spaced six feet from their kin.
A bundle of racism he had flung off his back,
And he looked all anew as he screamed, “You ain’t black!”
His sniffs – how awkward!  His allegation – quite serious!
The testimony hidden, the location mysterious!
His “Believe Biden” supporters were drawn up on his side,
And their devotion had Kavanaugh rolling his eyes.
The cage of a child we held right as obscene,
And the picture it encircled from two thousand fourteen.
A forgotten laptop and a little found text,
That shook CNN on what to do next!
The order strict, yet sporadic, downright providential,
And the Governors prophesied who was essential!
Small business forced closed and shamed if not heeded,
Soon gave us to know Walmart had what we needed.
Powell spoke of Dominion, and went straight to the Kraken,
And filled all the courts with evidence lackin’.
And laying the Naughty List aside for a glitch,
Biden added Trump’s name, and up went the switch!
He sprang to the White House, to the doorknobs he changed,
And away they all cleaned in a wet wipe campaign.
But I heard Trump exclaim, in scorned hospitality,
“Vaccines to all (but Cuomo), and to all a herd mentality!”