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Welcome to Digging Daisies!


My name is Sarah Mason and I am not one to feign experience.


There will be no long list of reference clips.

There will be no boasting of top magazine publications.

No.  You will not find that here.


Rather, what you will find, is a woman, a mother, a homeschooling teacher, venturing with a love of politics and writing from a personal realm into the exciting world of freelance.


Eight years of writing personal political pieces, such as parodies, articles, and even political poetry, have helped me gain proper and thorough research and referencing techniques, as well as the joy in finding my style and voice.


What Do You Need?

Do you want to foster the principle of liberty through well examined and timely articles?

Do you need a political parody or news satire for your online or print publication?

Do you desire a piece about a certain political process?

Do you have other writing interests that need to be met?


Here’s What You Do

First, feel free to browse the page, ‘My Rootsto find out a bit about me.


Second, go to the page, ‘Compost Bin’ for a sampling of my past work, as well as my writing ability.


Finally, click on the ‘Contact’ page and send me an email.  We will discuss your writing needs to see if we are a good match.



Thank you for visiting!


Now, there’s no need to stay the path here.  Go on, wander and explore!




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